Catherine Slye

At the core of Catherine’s fine art photography is color; capturing color, revealing color, making color. Her series explore emotional themes of; solitude, being in the night, and relationships - each steeped within a deliberate colorspace, allowing color to have its own weight and influence. Her photographs are purely digital, blending the immediacy digital offers with the ability to capture deliberately. Catherine has made Phoenix, Arizona her home since 2007.

Plain and simple, Joyland Toyland is pure fun. From sourcing the toys, to experimenting lighting with tiny Lume Cubes and colored Roscolux filters to producing the final prints was a 180 departure from her other fine art photography - creating these color punch macro portraits was an incredibly amusing diversion, almost as much fun as a mouthful of Jolly Ranchers!

Each tiny toy is shot with Sony a7RIII + Canon EF Compact Macro 50mm lens + Pictools Adapter.