Charmagne Coe, Tom Ortega, Lorena Suarez "Abstract Formation" Opens Nov. 15 and runs to Dec.20

Three noted local artists bring their unique formations of form, color, and composition to The Walter Art Gallery in November and December, 2019.

Charmagne Coe is an American visual artist of paintings, assemblage and drawings. She creates expression and narrative in mixed media such as acrylic, watercolor, ink, pastel, feathers, cloth, plants … whatever intuitively pushes into and out of the canvas and her imagination. The foundation of my creative process is an inherent respect for automatism, which is creating intuitively without a template. Her latest body of work evolved from 2-dimensional painting into a genre she calls, Soft Brut. The new works are bare, rudimentary expressions combining watercolor brush, ink and pastel techniques with 3-dimensional assemblage, collage, and fiber arts. Coe says “I moved farther away from composure, and am constantly experimenting, questioning and incorporating.” Her work has been included and awarded in publications such as Phoenix Magazine, Utne Reader, Luxe Interiors + Design and Creative Quarterly.

Tom Ortega views every day in the studio as an opportunity to learn. Those discoveries lead to new techniques and approaches. As a result, each sculpture he creates reflects the passage of time. Each piece informs the next. He sands wood surfaces. Pulls them apart, and puts them back together again. Each piece lives a life before it is complete. Ortega’s art is part of many private, public and corporate collections. Most recently he was added to the Polsinelli collection and was featured in the Microdwell exhibition at the historic Shemer Art Center in Phoenix. Tom’s work was also selected for inclusion in The Family Fang, the Nicole Kidman movie filmed in New York.

Lorena Suarez is from Nogales, Arizona. After exploring various genres and techniques. Suarez discovered abstract expressionism. Her paintings offer a kaleidoscope of colors with the goal of opening the minds of viewers and bringing emotions to the surface. She says, “I invite you to let yourself feel that emotion without judgment … let us not forget that we do not see things the same way others do.” The same painting contains all sorts of different shapes, objects and emotions for each unique viewer.

 Come and see this wonderful show of abstract works by three talented artists. If you aren’t able to come to the opening or closing receptions, please call or email us. We’ll be happy to schedule a viewing for you and your guests.

"Joyland Toyland" Photographs by Catherine Slye Opens September 20, 2019

Catherine Slye’s brand new series of photographs highlight yesterday’s toys set in bright candy pop colors. All images were photographed with her Sony + Canon Macro 50mm, lit by Lume cubes and Roscolux filters. Slye collected over 40 vintage and antique toys, many of them are made of celluloid - a pre-plastic material used before WWII. She chose toys that had interesting faces and clever eyes, ones that would catch light allowing her to play with their expressions.

Joyland Toyland will exhibit at The Walter Art Gallery from September 20 to October 18 2019. Please join us for the opening on Friday, September 20, 6:30 to 9pm.