"Local Haunts" New paintings by Christopher Newberg Opening March 15, 2019 6:30 - 9:30pm

Chris Newberg’s paintings capture the spirit of locales, both the ones we experience and those we see only in our dreams. Humans go about our daily lives surrounded by, and a part of, the mystery and power of existence, and Newberg’s works remind us of that awesome fact. Each painting looks other-worldly, and yet each is actually a tender, intense, and memorably portrayal of this very world.

Please join us to celebrate this new body of work and this artist.

Parking is limited so please use alternate forms of transportation.

We look forward to seeing you here!

"Stratums" Artworks by Jeff Davis and Tom Ortega January/February 2019

Jeff Davis wrote custom software to create images which vary randomly in size, colors, angle, and grid density. His art explores geometric structure and color arrangement through computation and iteration. He peruses dozens and dozens of images before curating those which will comprise his fine art, single edition prints. These bold artworks add vibrancy and energy to any room.

Tom Ortega builds up the content of his paintings and sculptures over time.  Each piece he creates becomes material for the next piece.  His body of work has grown organically as he works in the studio and each painting or sculpture he finishes produces seeds for the next work of art -- literally and figuratively. The result is artwork that is endearing and buoyant, communicating liveliness with the artist's touch.