"Stratums" Artworks by Jeff Davis and Tom Ortega Opening Reception January 18, 2019 6:30-9:30pm

These two talented local artists each explore surfaces and underpinnings. With masterful use of color and line, Ortega and Davis create images which invite viewers into new spaces and unknown times. Layers and shades are brought together in unexpected ways to please the eye and engage the imagination.

Join us for a reception to celebrate their work. There will be refreshments, a brew-club potluck (bring a dish and taste some beer!), live music, and arts activities provided by The Walter Hive.

Parking is limited so please use alternate forms of transportation.

We look forward to seeing you here!

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“Glorious Vulnerability” Paintings by Amber Linkey


September/October 2018

Amber Linkey is a talented self-taught artist who has had numerous shows. After spending some time drawing realistic,  traditional images, Linkey discovered the freedom of abstract expressionism.  She discovered the joy of creating whatever she wanted to on the canvas. She wants her work to be an inspiration for those who see it — a reminder to be comfortable with vulnerability. Linkey says, “I think art and vulnerability need each other to exist, and I also think that those are two things that make humans-human. The ability to create and to aspire to more than survival is one intangible beauty about humans that I want to capture and use to connect people, or spark something in them.”

The Walter Project is an innovative community of artists, entertainers, makers, and visionaries who come together to form various creative ventures such as The Walter Art Gallery, Walter Productions, The Walter Hive, Walter Yoga, and The Station (the Walter brewery). Known for their art cars such as Walter the Bus, Big Red, and Kalliope, the purpose of this community is to share joy and spark creativity through unique experiences.

Call or email us for an appointment to see the show.  We’d love to see you!