"Light Moves"

Ms. Goldberg's abstract paintings are studies of light, motion, and color.  They are beautiful, intriguing, and full of energy.  Ms Zgainer's figurative works are of women living their lives with grace, courage, and creativity.  She communicates mystery, sensuality, and strength in every brushstroke.


About Barb Goldberg: Ms. Goldberg's work is a reflection of her passion for color and her love of minimalistic abstractionism. She paints in acrylic as well as incorporating mixed media elements. Each piece can take months to produce as they have thick textures and multiple layers. See her work at Xanadu Gallery, Pita Jungle Restaurants, corporate collections, and various shows around the Valley.  Google barbgoldberg.art to find her website.

About Angelika Zgainer:  In her solo travels around the world, Ms. Zgainer has spent significant time learning about various cultures, beliefs, and traditions, as well as visiting the great and small museums of the world.  Her experiences inform her work, and her own deeply rooted philosophical, spiritual and romantic ideas inspire her to explore various emotional and spiritual ideas on canvas.