"There are the People"  Featuring artwork by Angela Cazel-Jahn, Rob Larson, Alan Sweeney and Frances McMahon Ward


This is art which can be enjoyed lying down.  "Tent City" by Frances McMahon Ward is a gathering of pup tents, each equipped with a QR code. When you scan it with your smartphone, the outdoors are brought to you. Lie back, relax, and enjoy a respite from urban life. "Bead Chain" by Angela Cazel-Jahn and Rob Larson allows you to be immersed in 10,000 strands of bead chains. Shake them, stream them through your hands, lie on the floor and watch their mesmerizing movements above you.


These interactive pieces were rounded out by "Open the Door,"  a group of paintings by artist Alan Sweeney. People are the necessary ingredient for art to be meaningful and culturally relevant. These paintings show people interacting with the world as seen, as imagined, and as feared. They represent each of us, in all our moods, as others see us, and as we see ourselves.