"Vainglory" Works by Gloria Langer


June 15 to July 31 2018

Noted local artist Gloria Langer creates works which are visually arresting and socially observant. Her artwork comments on the roles of women, the environment, and the vagaries of modern life.  Langer represents the vain futility of human constructs, the modern demand for public recognition, the egoistical sense of self, and the dependence on instant satisfaction, all of which "result in a non-existent perception of a vision for the future."  Langer invites the viewer to "look at what matters, to find humbleness, to seek your own vision for the world we live in and the world we would like to live in -- a legacy for future generations.

Gloria Langer was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She studied Graphic Design and worked in this industry for near 20 years. Living and traveling in various countries allowed her to experience and enjoy different cultures. Since she moved to the US in 2012, she has translated the themes and concerns of modern culture into artistic expression.


Langer has taken part in many local collective exhibitions, including her first solo exhibit in 2016 at the Burton Barr Library: “Facts of Life”. Her work has been represented in the American Art Collector, The Vortex Magazine and Articulate. She has received several academic awards at Scottsdale Community College, and she continues to be active in their open studio program.