"Local Haunts" by Christopher Newberg February/March 2019

Chris Newberg's paintings, inspired by environmental issues, the Sonoran Desert landscape, and the Oaxacan folk art he encountered during his childhood in Mexico, are technically stunning and visually entrancing. His illustrative approach and masterful use of acrylics result in compelling images with amazing depth, detail, and enchanting light. Newberg's themes often revolve around humanity’s relationship with nature, the mystery and power of all life, and nostalgia for certain places. The show “Local Haunts” consisted of 18 brand new paintings. These masterful works are acrylic on panel, created using many thin layers of paint. This glazing technique builds depth of color, intricate detail, and nuances of light usually associated only with oils.   
Speaking about his work, Newberg says, “When we think of our role in nature, many see humans separated from it. We feel like tourists in the natural environment…but I disagree. I believe we are a part of nature and our role in it is critical.” Newberg’s work depicts our return to the wild and celebrates a reconnection with the natural home around us. Our structures and our dreams rest in the natural world as well. There is no true separation between us and this beautiful earth.
Newberg earned his Masters in Fine Arts in Visual Communication and Illustration from the University of Arizona. He currently instructs art courses at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona where he lives and paints.