"Pi: Modern/Primitive" Artworks by Robert Farthing

Artist and photographer Robert Farthing is inspired by circles and the mysterious sacred geometric codes embedded in the equation of Pi.  His photos, sculptures and original paintings develop with an eye to the qualities of Pi as a constant, random, infinite, irrational, and transcendental number.  These qualities are the intention inspiring each piece and inviting the viewer to look deeper. “Pi: Modern/Primitive” explores the ancient shamanic practice of divination, asking the question “what do you see” and examining the nature of spirit created between observer and art.  

With a nod to the ancestral seer who reads tea leaves, Farthing’s eclectic collection of mixed-media pieces all started with coffee and used coffee filters. Several years ago, after a long trip away, he discovered an old coffee filter left behind in a coffee maker.  The dried was imbued with rippling stains and an unmistakable earthy ephemeral spirit.  The rabbit hole opened and Farthing dove head first into a journey that led him to create art that is intentional and sometimes sacred, while still maintaining the playfulness and whimsy inherent in creating art from coffee filters. 

“Pi: Modern/Primitive is Farthing’s first gallery showing and a natural evolutionary step in his 18-year path studying and practicing shamanism.  Recognizing that art can evoke emotion and inspire creativity, even healing, he presents an immersive, interactive environment that encourages the viewer to physically engage with certain pieces or to simply ask a question while gazing through the portal-like shapes of earthy textures and vibrant colors in search of the answer they seek.